Gay blood donor ban in Denmark might become a bit looser

It may soon end with the lifetime ban of gay and bisexual men, who will donate blood.

Giving Blood
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But the old ban can be replaced by a new ban, requiring 12 months of sexual abstinence.

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In Denmark, gay men and bisexual men can’t donate blood. Just a single one night stand many years ago, men who have had sex with men are given life-long quarantine from the Bloddonor Korpset (Danish Blood Donors).

The ban is based on the fact that gay and bisexual men have 50 times the risk of getting HIV compared to men who only have sex with women. Also sex workers and drug addicts have a lifelong quarantine from the Bloddonor Korpset (Danish Blood Donors).

On the other hand, heterosexuals are only excluded for four months as blood donors if they have been exposed to a risk of infection; for example through sex with a person from Thailand, Africa, Eastern Europe or elsewhere with high levels of HIV and / or hepatitis.

Photo By Lance Cpl. Shawn Valosin ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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