Mendez – «My Wonderwall»

Chilean born singer, Leo Mendez better knows as DJ Mendez is a household name in his native Chile. But it is in his adopted home of Sweden where he has found his musical home and he wants to share his positive energetic music with the world!

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Leo Mendez Jr. and his father DJ Mendez, have a close bond and that is reflected in this audiovisual production.

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With the phrase «Tell your children to believe in themselves, and what they do, stay by their side, no matter what happens» , we are already getting an idea of ​​what this emotional song is about.

During Melodifestivalen 2018, Mendez talked proudly about his son being gay and it was difficult to be gay in Chile and that was the reason why his son moved back to Sweden.

Leo Mendez (DJ Mendez) is back in Sweden and he is concentrated on continuing to create energetic and positive music. Thank you Mendez by releasing this heartfelt song and putting positivity in your music.

You can vote on «My Wonderwall» on Gay Music Chart here.

Mendez // «My Wonderwall»

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