Two men navigate the many ups and downs of a long term relationship

A love story. Between two men.

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Not about how they came together, not a phase they go through, but all of their shared experiences: all the years from the first kiss until today.

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All the paths, both up and down, that make up the the rich tapestry of a long relationship. A beautifully moving rumination on true love and the deep ties that bind, «Paths» takes us on a journey rarely seen in cinema.

Official Selection: Berlin International Film Festival

«Paths» // trailer

«Paths» // details

Actors: Mike Hoffmann, Mathis Reinhardt, Tom Böttcher, Cai Cohrs
Directors: Chris Miera
Classification (UK): 15
Studio: TLA Releasing
DVD Release Date: 13 Aug. 2018
VOD Release Date: 13 Aug. 2018

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