Gay Music Chart – 2018 – Week 36

Gay Music Chart, the LGBTQA related music videos TOP 50 actuality and most requested music.

Gay Music Chart
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Week 36 of Gay Music Chart for 2018 are out and take look at the variation of music you’ll find this week.

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See you all music fans next week, discovery new music below !

Our amazing friends at Gay Music Chart reports the following :

These past two weeks, several of our videos have been blocked for copyright infringement. Our last one has been restricted for people above 18 years old. It is a matter of time we guess before we will receive a strike from YouTube. In this case, the channel will be on pause for six months, like the other time in 2015. We’re tired of this YouTube system.

It’s only one solution to this, ditch YouTube and embrace Dailymotion !

You can vote on next weeks Gay Music Chart here.

Gay Music Chart // 2018 // Week 36

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