Kean Farrar

Flaunting exuberant sensuality, Berlin R&B newcomer Kean Farrar releases his debut EP, «Suite Bittersweet» via Made Jour Label.

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Describing his music as ‘melancholic R&B’ Kean’s song writing reflects his upbringing in Berlin, a city characterised by hedonistic nightlife and historical isolation.

The EP opens with «Get Enough», written whilst listening to a lot of Maxwell. Kean’s blissful vocals melt with lush Rhodes keys and bouncy drums to create a feeling of sensuality. «City Life», the EP’s big pop moment embodies how temporary infatuation is but celebrates it anyway and with «Other Love» Kean’s addictive chord progression on guitar is accompanied by a Bossa nova like drum-loop to create a feeling of romance, but one tinged with sadness. Finally, the EP closes with the lead single, «Plz Don’t Go», available now. Accompanied by a Latin flavoured guitar loop, Plz Don’t Go is about living out your fantasies, with Kean’s soothing vocal making a toxic affair almost sound pure.

«’Suite Bittersweet’ is heavily inspired by the nightlife here in Berlin», says 22-year-old Kean, who wrote and performed all the tracks on the EP, as well as produced together with RIP Swirl. «I wanted to give these four songs their own space to live in, which is Suite Bittersweet. Hotel rooms have something bittersweet about them, they look nice, but are temporary. I feel like the EP’s themes, the temporal aspect of excitement and thrill pertaining to new relationships, translate well into a hotel room environment».

We see this hotel room literally in the video for «Plz Don’t Go,» coming soon. Made with the director Felix Aaron, the video gives us an intimate look at a day and night inside Kean’s Suite Bittersweet. The camera always remains in one place, but spins 360°, and with each spin a new part of the story is told.

Kean Farrar is a rising Persian-American artist raised in Berlin. Inspired by artists like The Weeknd, Pharrell, Burial, Elliot Smith, Maxwell, and James Taylor, Kean began playing music from a young age (piano, violin and guitar) and as a teenager began uploading his demos to Soundcloud, which quickly began picking up traction. Fast forward to 2018 and Kean released his first official single, «Heartthrob» which turned the topic of alienated intimacy into a singalong R&B jam and has since gained nearly 1 million plays on Spotify.  His unique approach to alternative R&B has placed him into countless playlists and helped him gain over 40K monthly listeners on Spotify.

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