David Bowie once said «Never play to the gallery. Never work for other people».

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These were some of the thoughts bouncing around in Josephine’s head when she wrote her debut track «LaLa», a satirical pop stab at modern music and the culture surrounding it.

The phrase «LaLa», is Josephine’s way of categorising the need for a woman, especially a pop star, to fit in a specific aesthetic within society.

«I was struggling with authenticity and fitting into the moulds that have been presented to me in my life,” Josephine says. “We all go through that feeling especially with the social media world that we all live in these days. There is so much ‘content’ coming at us at all times, it’s hard to decipher it all and stay true to you, or at least feel that you are being true to yourself».

The first verse takes you on a trip, with the muted synth line, bass, and Josephine’s quick nod to mental health with the first line “I may not have superpowers / but I can lose my mind at any hour.”

The trippy funk guitar also gives the song an edge, similar to the RnB/pop-rock attitude of a P!nk track.

«I want to bring a smile to people’s faces who might be feeling that anxiety or stress, dance it off, and know other people out there are misfits too. I want to bring people confidence in the confusion».

Josephine is a BCCMA nominated singer and songwriter formerly from the band Whiskey Jane. She is currently the lead singer for the house band «Fully Loaded» at the famous Roxy Nightclub in Vancouver.

The pandemic changed everything but allowed Josephine to be creative and complete her upcoming debut EP, Permanent Ink, with a multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and one of the most sought-after guitarists in the entertainment industry, Ryan Stead.

Like «LaLa», Permanent Ink will deal with the feelings of mental health, authenticity, and heartbreak. Slated for release in late 2021.

«Permanent Ink is my growth as an artist and learning to be confident in my own chaos», Josephine says.

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