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This category is all about celebrities in all shape and forms, even straight ones that the LGBT community love's and sometimes hate, but always with a LGBT twist.

Russian President Vladimir Putin may soon find out, if he meets Elton John - as he is ready to do, his spokesman said Thursday.
Aaron Carter was left in tears after taking to the stage at a gay bar in Florida on Thursday (10 Aug 2017) for his first gig since coming out as bisexual.
Former X Factor runner-up Marcus Collins has been added to the rumoured line-up for Celebrity Big Brother, which kicks off next week.
Joe Jonas has shared pictures from GUESS photoshoot on Instagram - and it's steaming hot....
Liam Payne insists he is 'in no way, shape or form' homophobic.
Glee actress Jane Lynch was too scared to tell her parents she was gay face-to-face, so she did it in a letter.
KJ Apa known from the Netflix series (outside U.S) and The CW (in the U.S) has published some super hot pictures that made Archie hotter.
What's On The Inside And The Outside Counts.
Tom Daley wish everyone welcome to the week 6 of "Daley Routine: Ab edition". He hope you enjoy this quick and simple workout you can do anywhere to enhance your core strength!, he says.
Jaymi Hensley says being out in the music industry won't necessarily affect your sales, and he's testament to that.
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