Fans have begun to gather to pay their respects ahead of the funeral of former Boyzone star Stephen Gately.
In the memory of great singer, actor and a performer, Stephen Gately, MySoCalledGayLife.com has collected some music-videos from his solo album "New Beginning".
The late Boyzone singer's former bandmates will return to Mallorca to escort 'their brother back home'.
Singer Stephen Gately, a member of the Irish band Boyzone, died of natural causes, a court spokeswoman on the Spanish island of Majorca said Tuesday.
Spanish police have found the Bulgarian man who visited the Majorca home of Irish pop star Stephen Gately the night he died.
A spokesman for Gately's family attributed his death to natural causes and ruled out drugs and suicide.
The Irish star reportedly fell asleep after a night out and never woke up. It is not yet known what caused his death.
The Boyzone singer Stephen Gately, 33, has been found dead while on holiday in Majorca.
You might not be able to put a name to the voice—not yet anyway. But all of that is about to change.  Pop music fans are soon destined to not only recognize, but to revel in, the gorgeous voice and emotional intensity of Chris Willis, a performer who has been thrilling dance music aficionados, DJs, and club denizens for the better part of this decade.
Grammy award-winning duo Sugarland will release a 10-track holiday-themed record titled Gold And Green October 6, which includes 5 original songs co-written by lead members Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush. With the purchase of Gold And Green, available everywhere, fans will be able to access exclusive content such as downloads and the chance to enter special sweepstakes.
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