Omar (20) from Syria dreamed of free life as a gay – was pursued by other refugees

Omar has been dreaming of escaping discrimination in his homeland for a long time. Now he says that he is shocked by how he was treated by other refugees on the journey towards Europe.

Some Muslims are Gay

Omar is 20 years. As a young gay Muslim in Syria, he dreamed often about being able to live freely without being discriminated for his sexual orientation.

Four months later he is shocked at how much mockery, insults and threats he experienced from refugees he was traveling with.

The goal for Omar’s journey was Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He had seen videos from Gay Pride, and hoped to find a new life in the Dutch capital where he could follow love.

In Dutch reception, turned relief to disappointment when he again faced discrimination for his homosexuality from other refugees.

Now he has been taken under the wing of a 25 year old Dutch lesbian woman, Lianda.

Lianda read about Omar’s experiences in social media, and offered him a room in her own home.


It breaks our hearts to hear that LGBT Muslims are experiencing these kind of homophobic attacks by other refugees – if they have problems with LGBT people then they shouldn’t had run towards Europe were LGBT people has equal rights and protection as none LGBT people. Every LGBT refugee should have their own Lianda – so the LGBT refugee doesn’t need to live with constant mockery, insults and threats from other refugees. The saddest part of Omar’s story is that his story is not unique.

Photo By Own work [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons