Spirit Journeys And Kirkridge Retreat Center To Collaborate

Recently, gay travel organisation Spirit Journeys announced they would be adding more regionalised weekend events to their calendar. As part of this effort, in October Spirit Journeys owner Howie Holben visited the Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center in Bangor, Pennsylvania. Mr. Holben toured the Kirkridge facilities and met with some of the staff. The end result was a decision to collaborate with Kirkridge Retreat Center in hosting Spirit Journeys events.

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Kirkridge is a spiritual retreat centre located near the Delaware Water Gap. It sits atop the mountains with beautiful views of the surrounding valleys. The area offers an abundance of outdoor activities from hiking to swimming. This peaceful setting is perfect for the kind of events Spirit Journeys offers.

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Kirkridge has also been a long time supporter of the gay community and has hosted countless retreats for gay men and/or lesbians. John McNeil and Virginia Mollenkott have led events at Kirkridge for many years. Kirkridge even has a scholarship fund to honour these two leaders from the gay community.

Kirkridge is only about 80 miles from New York City or Philadelphia and only 200 miles from Washington, DC. This fulfills Mr. Holben’s goal of making Spirit Journeys’ events more regionalised and helping to lower the transportation costs of getting to a Spirit Journeys event.

Spirit Journeys’ first event hosted at Kirkridge will be “Intimacy and Eros”. This workshop is scheduled for April 23-25, 2010. “Intimacy and Eros” will be led by Kevin Kortan and is for Gay and Bisexual men. This gay vacation workshop will look at increasing intimacy and deepening relationships. Vulnerability and fear will be explored in an effort to assist participants in moving toward a willingness to take the risk of being intimate.

Spirit Journeys Mission: To create opportunities for participants to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually; to create environments where they can feel safe enough to “step outside of their box” and move towards living a freer, more joyous life.

For additional information on Spirit Journeys’ special gay travel and gay retreat offerings, contact Howie Holben or visit www.SpiritJourneys.com.

About Spirit Journeys

Spirit Journeys offers gay travel, vacations, retreats and workshops with a spiritual focus, and unique gay retreat and vacation options. Call (800) 754-1875 to learn more about Spirit Journeys.

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