Liberal Progressives Hate This…But Minorities Make the Most Money in the US

With May being "Asian-American Heritage Month," it might be appropriate to enlighten a few economic realities.

Matthew Chen
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America has 167 different ethnic groups in its population according to the US Census Report. Amazingly, the highest income-earning ethnic groups per capita are five that eclipse the well-known performance of the Jewish-American group, who are only ranked 6th overall. And, the premier ethnic group of them all is the Asian-American group! They earn more income per capita in the US than any other group. And liberals don’t like to talk about it too much because this reality does not support their narrative that AmeriKKKa is a bigoted racist hell-hole that marginalizes minorities with hate crimes and exclusion.

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The five Asian ethnic groups who earn the most money are Indian-, Chinese, Japanese-, Korean-, and Vietnamese-Americans. To people in Peoria, diminutive Asians don’t look like traditional Americans, but economically and academically they tower above the rest of our society.

According to the investment journals who recommend the East-West Bancorp stock (EWBC), a bank in California that caters to Asian-American customers, Asian-American families have an average income of $36,000 compared to all other US families at $25,000. And investment advisers say that the bank’s stock is a safe bet because Asian families don’t go bankrupt like other Americans. Others have asserted that per capita income by Asian-American is $40,000 compared to other Americans who are well below $30,000.

When progressives are asked to explain this phenomenon, they often cringe when comparing this elitist standard with other minorities. Their excuses are often laughable. Asians never allow their lives and families to be torn apart like, for instance, African-Americans. Moreover, Asians have never faced systematic discrimination.

Oh, is that so? How unenlightening! Have we forgotten about World War ll, the Korean War and the Vietnam War? Are liberals still trivializing mass murderer Mao Ze-Dong of Communist China who killed tens of millions of peasants to create his egalitarian society? Has the paternalistic white liberal forgotten the old phrase, “You don’t stand a China-man’s chance” ? And how about liberal icon Franklin D. Roosevelt whose presidency forced Japanese-Americans into internment camps?

In fact, many Asian-American roots in US society are from the insular ghettos known as “Little Saigons and Chinatowns.”

And while mainstream American society promotes permissive values like divorce, substance abuse, fatherless children, welfare dependency, self-absorption, credit card debt, multiple sex partners, and Marxist perspectives, the Asian family is largely held together by values that other Americans gleefully discarded beginning in the mid-1960’s with the Sexual Revolution.

One can certainly see the stark difference between Asian socialization in America compared to all other ethnic groups by reading Amy Chua’s New York Times bestseller “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Moms”, a controversial tome that questions how other American mothers raise their children. For in Asian-American culture, there is little emphasis on “self-esteem studies”, “diversity studies”, “Marxist social theory”, or the “liberal arts”.

Instead Asian-American children are rigorously prepared to study advanced medicine, engineering, international finance, mathematics and other hard sciences compared to the “soft sciences” in which other American students overindulge.

Asian American performance has dominated US academies and income earning standards ever since the early days of Ronald Reagan. So much so, that TIME and NEWSWEEK magazines have heralded them as “America’s Model Minority” on their front covers as much as 30 years ago. Many authors have celebrated Asian-Americans as the “New Jews” because of their entrepreneurial tenacity and their formidable self-discipline. For even the poor among Asian-Americans are far less self-destructive and much more frugal compared to the rest of America’s poor. Yet, alas, the American culture has continued to decline, and it no longer leads the world in science and mathematics! Sadly, it seems to be losing the ability to maintain it’s supremacy as the most dominant economy in the world.

With all the political and cultural contortions that Americans guiltily go through to absolve their so-called “race relations,” and the resultant national decline in public education and economic growth, it would seem such documented realities would alarm our best minds to focus on the dynamics within the Asian-American culture to find the values that would repropel a true “American Renaissance!”. Rather, they turn to counter-productive solutions such as: “income redistribution strategies,” “racial hiring quotas” and “sensitivity courses” in detrimental efforts to save and to remake the nation.

Asian-Americans are among the multitude of New Americans in the 21st Century, but it is their steadfast adherence to older, often ridiculed, proven family and economic values that other Americans have so thoughtlessly and liberally jettisoned .This is what makes them exceptional. And this is the reason that they deserve appreciation and emulation.

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