Obama Failures Will Lead to More Gays Voting Republican

The upcoming national elections are a dead-serious choice for all gay people who want a job-producing economy that insures middle class affluence and upward mobility. Since Barack Obama’s historic election that promised “Hope and Change,” we have witnessed nightmarish results that create despair and a sense of futility for much of the gay community.

Mitt Romney
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Gas prices have doubled and unemployment rates are up three percent; leaving millions of gay people almost helpless. Median incomes—if you even have a job—have dropped $3,000 to 5,000 per worker.

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According to the Sun Sentinel, unemployment in Fort Lauderdale is over 8 percent; in West Palm Beach, it is over 10 percent.

Home foreclosures are at an all time high—which is devastating to a Florida gay community that historically distinguishes itself by improving dilapidated neighborhoods, and excelling in interior design and landscape architecture.

Gay newspapers and Websites relentlessly inveigle their readers into believing it is all George W. Bush’s fault, and focus on the mirage of hyper-homophobia in our culture. This is unethical journalistic rhetoric, and probably leads to an epidemic of depression among many gay people. Since 2010, I witness many “out and open” gay people and couples working as volunteers for such Republican candidates as GOP Sheriff Al Lambert; GOP Congressional candidates Karen Harrington and Allen Wes; GOP State Senate candidate Ellyn Bogdanoff; Scott Herman—a gay, GOP, disabled veteran running for state representative—and both GOP Connie Mack and Marco Rubio as U.S. Senators.

In 2010, exit polls revealed that nearly 50 percent of South Florida gay voters voted Republican, slightly more than for Democrats. Now that’s “Hope and Change” we need to recognize and appreciate if we truly celebrate diversity.

To our economy’s detriment, Obama gambled over $5 trillion of borrowed money from China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia, only to achieve a recovery that is the weakest in U.S. history. He promotes class warfare and excessive government dependence that in no way compares to the tremendous economic expansions ignited by John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton, all of whom aggressively reduced taxes on income and in vestment. Barack Obama lost his luster because of little insight into how to make America competitive in a global economy. Our chief competitor during this century, China, signed 25 free trade pacts with other nations, and another 10 are in the works. Meanwhile, the U.S. signed only three.

Obama’s foreign policy is spinning horrifically out of control, with the wave of murderous terrorist attacks and violent demonstrations erupting across the Arab/Islamic world—a severe setback to the region’s democratic movements that tried to establish pluralistic opportunities for Arab gay people.

Mitt Romney offers a plan that will reinvigorate our economy and create at least 12 million new jobs in the next four years. He will save our deeply troubled Medicare and Social Security programs for our gay senior citizens. And he will stop the thoughtless foreign borrowing that has enchained every American into debt and despair for generations. Romney will help our entrepreneurial class create more jobs, and taxpayers.

Gay Americans are exceptionally capable and patriotic workers: They deserve the best America they can get in return for their dreams and ambitions. Let’s vote for Mitt Romney, along with Connie Mack for the U.S. Senate, and all other reform Republican candidates in Florida.

The views expressed in the piece by Sandy Steen, Former Mayor of Wilton Manor, Florida are her own and not that of MySoCalledGayLife.com.

Photo By Gage Skidmore [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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