Teen drama Jitters comes to DVD

Like an Icelandic Skins, Jitters captures the excitement and trauma of a group of teens as they enter young adulthood, all orbiting around the resonant story of the gay romance blossoming between the uptight teen Gabriel and free-spirited Marcus.

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Becoming friends whilst studying in Manchester, things change on their last night together when they share an unexpected kiss. However, the romance is quickly curtailed when they go their separate ways upon returning home.

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Slowly, family and friends notice a change in handsome Gabriel, who realises he is gay but decides to keep it a secret. He has little time to mope, for between parties and excursions, his friends have their own set of problems. And when Marcus returns to the scene, Gabriel is forced make some very significant decisions.

An attractive, energetic ensemble cast and a driving, pulsating soundtrack, this is one coming-of-drama that will stay with you.

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Jitters is everything Skins wishes it could be – raw, honest, passionate and bursting with teenage drama” – Entertainment – Focus.com

“Likable teen soap operateens should relate to its fraught, alcohol-fuelled ambience…well-cast, convincingly performed” – Variety

“The excitement and traumas of a group of Icelandic teenagers as they tentatively enter young adulthood is very effectively and brilliantly captured” – Alternatesexuality.com

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