Jack’s Carousel : Acceptance of Homosexuality in a Christian World

New book "Jack's Carousel" chronicles Christian woman’s journey to acceptance of homosexuality.

Jack's Carousel
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With eight states in the United States now legally accepting gay marriage and society’s growing acceptance of alternate lifestyles, Shirley Rorvik’s first novel is a navigational tool for those who need help finding their place with God when homosexuality is in question.

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Rorvik helps make readers aware of the strong prejudice among many Christians against gay people through her first book, Jack’s Carousel. The story follows an older Christian man and his struggle to accept his grandson’s sexual preference.

The book draws from Rorvik’s own experience with learning to accept and appreciate her own children’s homosexuality.

“Over time, the novel became a platform to express my beliefs about how we Christians relate to loved ones in the homosexual lifestyle,” Rorvik said.

Rorvik’s boldness and willingness breaks the mold of some Christian philosophies by focusing on the importance of unconditional love, family and being true to God and your beliefs. Through her book, she wants to help Christians that are struggling to find acceptance for their family members or friends who have announced they are homosexual.

“I’m not sure my book can solve problems, but I hope to give people something to think about,” she said. “My public admission that two of my loved ones are gay opens doors for people to talk to someone who understands. Having a gay loved one doesn’t have to be a ‘dirty secret.’”

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About the author

Shirley Rorvik was born and raised in Montana and has been married to her second husband for over 20 years. She has two sons, three stepdaughters and one daughter- in-law. Rorvik is an honorable member for First Presbyterian Church USA in Kalispell, Montana and was inspired to write Jack’s Carousel after finding the strength in God and accepting her homosexual son and stepdaughter.

For more information, visit www.shirleyrorvik.com.

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