Asbjørn – The Love You Have In You

The Love You Have In You is the first single from Chapter Two of Danish electro prince Asbjørn’s release marathon Pseudo Visions. Starting in February 2014 with Brotherhood, he released one video each month slowly unraveling the four-track EP Pseudo Visions: Chapter One. Now he does it again: Four songs and four videos in four months that tell a continuous story and leads up to his full sophomore album, Pseudo Visions, to be released in early 2015.

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In the video we witness the curious first touches between two young men who in this 5-minute- long love anthem explore each other’s bodies like nobody’s watching. Explaining the song’s message Asbjørn says: “My sexuality has never been something I felt like I needed to promote in my music, ‘cause basically it’s not a very big deal to me with whom I fall in love. But this song came out of the blue, and before I even noticed I’d written a very honest song that reflected my love life. I hope it will soothe your hearts as it did mine”.

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Danish pop kid with a relentless urge to dance – that how Asbjørn describes himself. At 22, the multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician and producer is, however, so much more than that. With one album under his belt and a second in the pipeline, Asbjørn is hard at work with the ambition of redefining his generation’s take on pop music. Too young to be a vinyl-maniac but too old to embrace the digital age unreflectingly, Asbjørn on February 1 launched his new project Pseudo Visions – a fresh take on today’s music formats that lets Asbjørn’s audience join him on a year- long exploration of his artistry.

The term Pseudo Visions encapsulates the most intense moments that leave you to wonder if they were real or some sort of dream gazes. Every song – or vision – is accompanied by a video, and combined the videos tell a continuous story that will evolve throughout the year. The story is divided into three chapters, and will reach its conclusion in early 2015. “Some of the songs may be radio-friendly, others are just beautiful stories I need to tell. And no matter their commercial potential, all these songs will have equal opportunities”, Asbjørn elaborates. “It’s not up to me which ones people respond to, but I will know that all of them had the chance to change something for someone”. So far four songs have been released and compiled on an EP entitled Pseudo Visions: Chapter One. On August 1, Chapter Two opens with The Love You Have In You and three more songs will follow before Christmas.

The Pseudo Visions project will keep Asbjørn busy throughout 2014, and writing songs, recording, making videos, releasing and touring will surely keep the young pop visionary from post-release restlessness. “Artists post so much bullshit on the social media platforms because they are afraid of being forgotten. But basically, it’s not relevant to my music what I had for breakfast. The important thing is that I live and breathe music, and as long as I do that the fear of being forgotten is not present”, Asbjørn says.

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