LGBT Denmark is very concerned at the development of transgender people access to treatment, as the Denmark Board of Health (Sundhedsstyrelsen) is currently working on a draft. The new draft guidance has been issued for consultation, maintain and in some cases reinforces the practice of lengthy, disempowering scenario where a care team with a monopoly in Denmark can refuse to treat patients without decision can be appealed.


LGBT Denmark believe the opposite, that treatment should be based on informed consent and performed by practitioners with knowledge of the individual treatment areas.

Therefore, LGBT Denmark are publishing a booklet with useful information to care about the consequences of the ongoing development in order that they will also be getting resistance against Health’s initiative.

“It is necessary that across the board said from the face of this development, which leads to further disempowerment of transgender and have far-reaching consequences for the individual. LGBT Denmark have even completely rejected the Health’s guidance draft and even come up with our own proposal. Now we want to help care providers to also say no, “says Vibe Grevsen, trans-political spokesperson for LGBT Denmark.

– We encourage transgender people and their allies to disclose this material for therapists and others whose work for transgender health is limited by the Health Protection Agency’s (Sundhedsstyrelsen) proposal.

The booklet can be read here (in Danish) or downloaded as a PDF file so you can print it out.

In addition, LGBT Denmark  created a template for a submission to the Board of Health – (Sundhedsstyrelsen) here. It allows you to ask your therapist and others to sign it and return it, and send your own.

It can be used as is, or you can draw inspiration for your own request. The signature may include a framework to deal with this matter. For example. for therapists and other professional involved; education and relatives; relationship type if one is transgender, or write if you are simply a concerned citizen.

Send it to the Board of Health – (Sundhedsstyrelsen) on (Or by snail mail Sundhedsstyrelsen, Axel Heide Gade 1, 2300 Copenhagen S) and LGBT Denmark ask you to send a copy to them on (or LGBT Denmark, PO Box 1023, 1007 Copenhagen K).

In the copy state if you give permission to LGBT Denmark to publish the signer’s name for others to see who joins. Otherwise, copies only for internal use, so we can contact Health Committee with questions about developments in the case.

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