Australian advocates hit back at Critics of Cross-Party Marriage Equality Bill

Marriage equality advocates have hit back at critics of the cross-party bill unveiled yesterday.

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Government whip, Andrew Nicolic, has said there are higher priorities including the economy and Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells has labeled it an ambush, and Senator Eric Abetz has said Australia shouldn’t embrace marriage equality as Asia hasn’t.

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Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome, said,

“The majority of Australians want marriage equality and want it sooner rather than later. Delaying the debate won’t stop the debate.”

“Every day that goes by without marriage equality is another day Australia’s global reputation is tarnished by our tardiness on this issue.”

“Marriage equality will have a very positive economic impact on the Australian economy which is one reason why it has such strong support in the business sector.”

“I understand Mr Entsch has been discussing this with his colleagues and the Prime Minister’s Office for several weeks so there is no question of an ambush. The Prime MInister has said the issue should be owned by the Parliament and not anyone party, and that is what Mr Entsch’s cross party bill achieves”

“We don’t want to rush to a vote but neither should same-sex couples have to wait any longer than necessary.”

“We want to see a vote in parliament before the end of the year.”

In relation to Mr Abetz’s comments about Asia, Mr Croome Said:

“Most countries that have similar legal and political systems to Australia have all embraced marriage equality. It is important that Australia provides leadership and hope to our Asian neighbours on this important reform, especially with the growing campaign for marriage equality across Asia”

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