Växjö second in the survey about openness towards LGBT people

Växjö is the second best in Sweden in terms of transparency and working with LGBTQ issues. It shows RFSL's survey of municipalities' efforts and attitudes towards LGBT groups.

Photo from Växjö Pride 2015 - Event Växjö
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In RFSL investigation they are looking for, such as whether there is equality plans in local schools and if the municipalities implemented competence-raising efforts around LGBT, if there are associations for LGBTQ people, how many LGBTQ persons has been subjected to hate crimes and how many same-sex couples that have become parents.

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These are important issues for a municipality, not only for LGBTQ people. Research shows that if a city is open and inclusive, so you can also see an increased growth. Municipalities that are permissive is simply good at taking advantage of creativity, innovation and new ideas, and therefore these communities often have a better economic growth, says Suzana Mocevic, business developer in Växjö Commune.

Vaxjo has climbed in the measurement, from 12th place in last survey to a second place. Växjö will continue to implement new initiatives for a more open and inclusive society, and the issue is a priority in the budget for 2016.

We want to be the best. Not for ranking’s sake, but because we want all Växjö residents feel welcome and safe. Our children should not feel that they have to move away from Växjö to live the life they want to live. One must see this as an investment for the future, says Suzana Mocevic.

Top Ten – RFSL Index


Photo from Växjö Pride 2015 – Event Växjö

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