Gay top marksman ‘must name female Queen’

A gay man is being blocked from collecting his title as King of the Marksmen in Düsseldorf because he plans on collecting the prize with his husband.

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A speaker for the Bund der Historischen Deutschen Schützenbruderschaften (BHDS) (Federation of Historic German Marksmen’s Brotherhoods) said that “it doesn’t correspond to tradition that a ‘royal pair’ are male and male or female and female.”

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The speaker said that while the BHDS did not have a problem with the shooting king being gay, it disapproved of him not respecting the centuries-old tradition of the Catholic club by picking up the prize with a woman at his side.

But top marksman Udo Figge intends to defy the BHDS hierarchy and pick up his prize with husband of 13 years, Dirk Jehle.


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