Russell Elliot – Around

The video for "Around" is inspired by Elliot's experiences with falling for a man in college who identified as straight.

Russell Elliot

“Falling for a straight boy is hard,” Elliot told The Huffington Post and I can agree 100 % with Russell that it’s hard to fall for a straight boy – sure you can agree with that too.

“My mission is to tell it like it is – to create authentic, powerful music out of my lived experience and worldview. Two important lenses through which I view the world are Feminism and Pansexuality. Mine is not activist music. Yet, in spite of acknowledging that my music doesn’t directly address feminist or queer philosophy/politics, I’m not going to shy away from my truth: that these ideas impact my life– and thereby, my work– in subtle but noticeable ways.

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You won’t find misogyny on my records, says Russell Elliot. We need to start addressing that great music is being written without it. We need to stop perpetuating hurtful cultural norms in music.

You will find an irreverent embracing of the complexities surrounding sex, love, and sexuality on my record. In short, you’ll find the truth.”

Below you can enjoy Russell Elliot‘s “Around” and I can’t wait to hear more beautiful music from Russell.

And if you’re lucky to be in New York on Friday 20 November 2015 you can experience him live at La Casa, more information here.