The Beginning of Forever by AnDerecco

AnDerecco published his first novel, Who Can I Run To?, in February 2011. The sequel ̧ Love to Luv was published in December 2011 with the trilogy Undercover Lies following in February 2012. He was inspired by some of his former students to write Torn and release it on the same date as Undercover Lies.

The Beginning of Forever
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Again the writing bug hit him in mid-2012 and he began writing Family Values. Going through a separation that ended in a divorce plus having a busy and hectic schedule it took him a year and a half to write it. When he started back to work on Family Values he meet someone that inspired Evening Gentleman. As you know that most of his writings are based on things that have happened in his life. Both will be released March 8, 2014.

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Now he takes us to another novel structured around a marriage, a domestic union set prominently in a work of fiction has the sometimes unfortunate capacity to obscure whatever else is going on. Yet “The Beginning of Forever,” AnDerecco’s remarkable new novel, explodes and rages past any such preconceptions, insisting that the examination of a long-term relationship can be a perfect vehicle for exploring no less than the nature of existence — the domestic a doorway to the philosophical.

Immerse yourself in the off-field life of pro-football player, Demarcus Slaughter with his new husband Aiden Burruss. Demarcus and Aiden are a young couple with a nice big house in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama. Demarcus is in the end of his football contract that causes major stress on the field and in his home life.

Demarcus and Aiden both notice the awkwardness in their relationship almost immediately, but Demarcus suspicions are further aroused when he catches Aiden in a lie.

The Author AnDerecco

AnDerecco’s contemporary and exciting novels spans genre and themes; from erotic mysteries and thrillers that explore corruption, murder and scandal to sensual romances and sizzling erotica that titillates while delving into voyeurism, drama and lust.

With every book he writes, AnDerecco hopes to create characters that the reader will embrace and have them wholly invested in the story. For AnDerecco, no topic or subject matter is off limits. He writes what he is moved to write and refuses to be censored. If you enjoyed one title then you should check out AnDerecco’s other available titles.

AnDerecco first job was in high school working in Central Supply at Wayne General Hospital in Waynesboro, Mississippi. Graduating from Wayne County High School in 1996 he enlisted in the military. He was medically discharged. Not wanting to go straight

to college he worked for Sunbeam. After being laid-off is when he decided to attend Jones County Junior College and study business. After one year of enrollment he enrolled at Alcorn State University to complete his degree.

Upon completion of his degree in Business Administration he found a career in banking at First State Bank in his hometown. After five years of service the job and company was unfulfilling to him. Following his second passion he went into education. His first job in his new career was with Meridian Public School at the alternative school. After one year he moved to Jackson, Mississippi to work for Jackson Public Schools. There he worked on every level – three years in elementary, one year in middle and two in high school. Doing this time he worked on and earned his Master’s in Special Education from the University of West Alabama. His courses taught range from math, science, and special education. He now works in Canton Public Schools.

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