Northern Ireland ’s new First Minister insists gay marriage is ‘not on the agenda’

Northern Ireland made history yesterday by appointing its first ever female First Minister, who is also the youngest leader in the province’s history – but it appears this won’t change much for the progression of social issues such as gay marriage.

Arlene Foster
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Arlene Foster, the former Finance Minister, took over from her former boss Peter Robinson as DUP leader, after he retired from parliamentary life on health grounds. However, on her first day in the job she was keen to stress that despite this changing of the guard, the party will continue to uphold its “very strong Christian values.”

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Not wanting equality in Northern Ireland

Denying equality is not very strong Christian values, we rather call it very strong “devils” work. For Arlene Foster it’s more important to please the people with “faith” on her side, than listen to the other side of the argument. She is not First Minister for all people of Northern Ireland, she only for those that has her opinion.

Photo By Northern Ireland Office [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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