Italian Association ANDDOS against discrimination applauds Chelsea Football Club

ANDDOS (Italian Association against sexual orientation discrimination)  applauds Chelsea Football Club for have launched, in collaboration with Gay Football Supporters' Network, their first LGBT fan group.


And also with the campaign “Building bridges” for blue supporters against discrimination and that Chelsea FC have promoted and educated about the differences in football community at Stamford Bridge stadium.

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Sports arenas are good place for promoting values against homophobia. Some people who are homophobic don’t even know a LGBTI person. It’s all about preconceptions. The presence of homophobia in football has not been extinguished. Anddos hopes that other english football clubs will follow the example of Chelsea to support the LGBTI community, fighting racism and all forms of prejudice.

“ANDDOS wants to live in a society where all people are respected and considered without differences – says Mario Marco Canale, president national ANDDOS – with equals rights for all people! Homosexuality should never be an insult.

ANDDOS are a non-profit association founded in July 2012: they promote a positive image of homosexuality and homosexuals in society, as well as to uphold the civil rights and the freedom of LGBTI community. Their mission is to support the creation of safe environments where are people can find protection, openly reveal their sexuality and, through interaction with others, find the courage to “come out” and participate in the social life. One of ANDDOS’s main priorities is the fight against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases by distributing condoms in their clubs and associations and by giving precise information regarding sexually transmitted diseases.

Numbers of ANDDOS: 73 clubs in 12 regions of Italy, 160.000 members, 1.000.000 of condoms free distributed in Italy every year”.