100K has read transgender Skye Thomson letter, but has Gov. Pat McCrory?

Since the release of Skye Thomson heartbreaking letter to North Carolina's Gov. Pat McCrory over 100k has read it, but has he read Skye's letter ? does McCrory care at all ?

#meetwithskye - Skye Thomson

Today the Skye Thomson story are continuing to spread the word with a new hashtag (#meetwithskye) in order to keep the pressure on the N.C. governor Pat McCrory to fulfil his face-to-face meeting with Skye and put a face to the discrimination of the HB 2 law.

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Do Gov. Pat McCrory dare to meet Skye Thomson a person that is affected by the anti-LGBT HB 2 law in North Carolina ?

The National Center for Transgender Equality made the first post with the hashtag shortly after 1 p.m. local time today and more influencers are set to follow. MySoCalledGayLife.co.uk encourage everyone to retweet Trans Equality‘s tweet or make your own tweet with the #meetwithskye.