Garek – “Goddamn Dizzy Kids”

Rock N’ Roll singer-songwriter Garek released his new song and video for “Goddamn Dizzy Kids” earlier today.

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One of my “man of my dreams”- the man that makes my heart goes boom boom boom, Garek,  – the artist behind the hit song “Save The Queen“, is out with a new “I smell a new hit song” called “Goddamn Dizzy Kids“. I’m so excited ! I just love Garek’s creative style and expression and he has once again got me hooked on his music. Thank you Garek!

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With “Goddamn Dizzy Kids” Garek positions himself as the new Anti-Pop Star, fighting to break the mold of cookie-cutter predictability in today’s music industry. He takes the formula so often used in today’s pop music: a bright, bouncy chorus with a catchy hook and spins it into something so quintessentially Garek- sinister, sarcastic, but still highly listenable.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Garek made his transition to New York in 2010 to pursue a career in music. He landed an internship at a music production house writing and singing demos for the likes of Disney and Nickelodeon. Quickly disenchanted with the assembly-line mentality of today’s hit makers and songwriters, Garek took what he learned and applied it to a scathing critique of today’s music culture in “Goddamn Dizzy Kids”. As a ghostwriter gone rogue, Garek steps out from behind the money-making machine and gives the middle finger to commercialised music and the corporations behind it.

Garek - “Goddamn Dizzy Kids”
Garek – “Goddamn Dizzy Kids” cover art

“I was tired of making music for the machine. So, instead of feeding the machine, I set out to starve it. For “Goddamn Dizzy Kids”, I used the formulas I was privy to as a ghostwriter (big, bouncy choruses, bright, catchy hooks and contemptible, chantey nonsense), but used it in a way that allowed me to spread my message. I refuse to settle for the sea of mediocrity that has become the standard for this generation’s music.”

The video accompanying the song sees Garek in pursuit of a strangely familiar rodent, as well as a spoof of a not-so-anonymous Pop Star’s underwear shoot…

Garek – “Goddamn Dizzy Kids”

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