Jodie Marsh “I’m Asexual – I’m just not interested in sex right now”

Jodie Marsh opened up about her sex life explaining that even though she fancies both men and women, and previously identifying as bisexual - right now, she is asexual because she “is just not interested in sex”

Jodie Marsh
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She was speaking at National Student Pride at the University of Westminster on February 25th on the Being Me Campaign’s Intersectionality Panel.

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‘I don’t know if next year I’ll be with a man, a woman, or with a toy in my bedroom’

‘I’m nearly 40, I don’t know who I am’

‘I can’t claim to have gone through what the other people on this panel have gone through, I’ve not come out, I don’t know who I am.’

‘Honest truth? I am asexual right now. I don’t want sex with anybody. I’m not interested in sex with anybody.’

The glamour model and documentary filmmaker Jodie Marsh has revealed she ‘doesn’t know’ how to identify her sexuality.

The 38-year-old British reality TV star, formerly of Celebrity Big Brother also added that ‘Learning to accept yourself is probably the hardest thing in life.’

She was on the panel chaired by BBC Radio 1 host Adele Roberts with Transexual Summer star Lewis Hancox, UK Black Pride’s Phyll Opuku-Gyimah, Straight Jacket author Matthew Todd and singer Sarah Nimmo.

Jesting with Adele Roberts who commented on how young she looks she said her secret was “botox”.

Talking more about how she identifies she stated how unnecessary labels were:

‘I know I‘m attracted to women just as much as men. I look at women, does that make me bisexual? I don’t like labels. I don’t need to say I’m gay or bisexual, it doesn’t matter to me. If I fancy a woman, I want to look at pictures of her, I don’t need to tell everyone. It’s not like I’m ashamed of it.’

As a Being Me Ambassador, the charity who calls out bullying and focuses on the multiple identities we all have she spoke about how she ‘experienced lots of prejudice’ in lots of ways.

She reflected on glamour modelling her time at private school, and facing discrimination in TV because she was a page 3 model.

‘This time next year I don’t know whether I’ll be with a man or woman or if I’ll be rolling around with a toy somewhere. You’ve got to love yourself and accept yourself. You need to work out who you are need what makes you happy.’

Jodie Marsh is an ambassador with the Being Me charity.

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