Sheffield Steelers executive apologises for ‘homophobic’ comments made about two men embracing on ‘kiss-cam’

Sheffield Steelers' executive David Simms has apologised after a match night comment he made about two men embracing on 'kiss-cam' led to him being branded a homophobe.


David Simms, rink commentator at last Saturday night’s ice hockey game, made an ill-advised joke when two men were filmed on the “kiss-cam” – a live broadcast on the Arena in-house TV, a segment which normally encourages a man and his woman partner to kiss when the spotlight falls on them.

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David Simms would you have said the same if a straight couple was kissing as a “joke” ? No you wouldn’t – We call your actions, homophobia covered as a “joke” and we do not see the funny part of your joke.

He told The Star: “I am not homophobic, you have known me long enough. I haven’t got a bad bone in my body.

Photo By אנדר-ויק (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons