Male (22) forced to get undressed in customs – picked up by same male customs officer at gay venue

One of the men, online news site, has talked to, claims that the same customs officer who body-searched him naked had tried to pick him up at a gay venue soon after the incident.

Border Control

According to one of the man : The customs officer had a flirtatious look in the little room where the 22 year old was forced to take off all of his clothes in front of him. Customs officer told him, according to the man, to turn around and then he studied my butt for at least 30 seconds before he was allowed to turn around and get dressed again. It was disgusting and offensive, but at the time I didn’t think anything more about it.

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It was a Swedish young man (22) that was suspended in customs control and dressed naked in early 2016. According to him, he had never been smuggling before or hadn’t been in the police spotlight.

A month later, I met him again at a gay venue in Oslo says the Swedish male. The customs officer was quite drunk and he came up to me to talk with me and asked if I remembered him. When he touch my shoulder, I just had to go. It was extremely uncomfortable.

According to DinAvis the 22-year-old chose not to report the case to the police. reports that several men has contacted them and told similar story of events – all men are gay and are part of Oslo gay scene. They suspect that the elderly customs officer picks his victims either when he is out on the Oslo gay scene or websites for gay men – to “review them” in real time.

Customs Region Oslo and Akershus (Norway) has not responded to request for comments.