Garek – Mr. Kellyanne Conway

The musical genius and artist Garek has just release a new music video for his new hit song Mr. Kellyanne Conway and of course I want to share his music with you.

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In this song, Garek are very political (assume that you guessed that from the title as well), but I like it.

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The DIY-video, which Garek wrote, directed and edited himself, sees him getting back to his country roots: running down cameramen on a lawn mower, scrubbing mould off a tractor and, (for some reason?) trying to choke down a stalk of celery.

“I wanted the video, story-wise, to make as much sense as this current Presidential Administration.

I’m in the middle of two very high-production releases, and I wanted to do something fun. So, I grabbed a microphone and an iPhone and told a story about a man who just can’t seem to keep his story straight- much like another talking TV head whom I wouldn’t dream of ever mentioning by name.

I wrote and produced the song myself, using some of the same vocal stylings I learned while working on the demos for the Pitch Perfect movies. We all know people who love to lie, and we all love to watch them squirm when they get caught.”

‘I’ll see him wriggle like a worm on a hook!” – Ursula The Sea Witch

And I (and You) can look forward to Garek’s next official release, the video for his song “Ledge”, coming this fall.

Unfortunately, the song isn’t release on Spotify (at least at this moment) else it would have been added to my Spotify Playlist. Garek has already his hit song Stray on the list from his latest album Take the King that was released last year.

Take a listen to Garek’s (or my nick name for him Mr Beautiful – yes it’s true I’m crushing hard) Mr. Kellyanne Conway – very catchy tune.

Garek // Mr. Kellyanne Conway

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