Simon became Svea – transgender book for children!

Today, 20/11 is the Transgender Day of Remembrance - and it feels right to release the book about Svea today, in the hope that it will help violence against transgender will not be part of the future.

Grattis Svea Fors

The children at Lyckeskolan (name of the school) focus on one child at a time, thus giving a clear variation of ways to look, ways to live and how to be.

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“I have been asked if I’m afraid that the books will appear corrected, but they are inspired by the class of my own child, this is what society looks like – even if the bookshelf does not have the same diversity.”, Says the Swedish author Ebba Berg.

Simon became Svea

In the book, we learn to know Svea Fors, as in previous books on the class was called Simon. In a self-evident way, Svea’s choice of gender identity is expressed, and the focus is instead of having a party!

“An increasing number of children question the genetic system differently, we know that there are many transgender who do not reflect the childhood shelf,” says publisher Karin Salmson at Olika förlag AB (publisher). “It feels important to create a book for younger children, who succeed in being normative – thus giving way without pointing out.”

Invite everyone?

Having a party is something that Svea loves, and she wants the whole class to come!
But dad thinks eight is enough to the party, as many chairs as they have at home …

At moment the book are only available in Swedish.