Stop Anti-Trans Delegate Bethany Kozma from Representing the U.S at CSW

Following in last year’s footsteps, the Trump administration has yet again appointed a known anti-trans activist to its official delegation to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). The CSW is the largest meeting of governments, UN agencies, civil society, and other stakeholders, on progressing women’s rights and gender justice globally.

Bethany Kozma
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Bethany Kozma, Senior Adviser for the Office of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment at the U.S Agency for International Development, is known for viciously anti-trans statements and activism.

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She has taken active steps to hinder the rights of trans students and individuals, going so far as calling transgender children “gender confused children,” and spearheaded a campaign to overturn Obama-era education guidelines that allowed trans students to use bathrooms that matched their gender identity.

During closed door negotiations during the CSW, Kozama proclaimed that the “U.S is a pro-life nation.”

Jessica Stern, Executive Director of OutRight Action International, released the following statement:

“Bethany Kozma’s track record as an anti-trans activist should disqualify her from representing the United States at the largest women’s rights and gender justice meeting.  She is known for her hateful rhetoric against transgender people, specifically trans children, and has been at the forefront in undermining their rights.

Having worked with known hate groups, such as Family Research Council, it is clear that Kozma will push for restrictive and discriminatory language at the CSW negotiations. Kozma is misrepresenting the status of abortions in this country, and is pushing a false and dangerous narrative.

The US administration must remove Bethany Kozma from the delegation to the CSW immediately. It is an embarrassment that an anti-trans activist is on the delegation, not to mention someone who is misrepresenting US law in negotiations. The US must uphold its values of non-discrimination at all times, and prevent Kozama from co-opting this space to impose her hateful agenda in the negotiation room.”

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