Neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance has plastering «Crush Gaylobby» in Hønefoss (Norway)

Nordic Resistance drones have been plastering «Knus Homolobbyen» / «Crush Gaylobby» stickers around the Norwegian town Hønefoss.

«Knus Homolobbyen» Photo by Reks
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I’ve talked to Reks (pseudonym) the tipper about this, and he told me he had a perfect way to sabotage their message and I agreed : So I’ve responded in kind with holographic slaps (that becomes rainbow-coloured in the right lighting conditions). I might just be straight, but I sure as hell don’t mind sabotaging their shit as best I can.

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According to Wikipedia : Hønefoss is a town and the administrative center of the municipality of Ringerike in Buskerud county, Norway. Hønefoss is an industrial center of inner Østlandet, containing several factories and other industry.

According to Wikipedia : The Nordic Resistance Movement, NRM is a Pan-Nordic Neo-Nazi movement and, in Sweden, a party. It is established in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark. It has been banned in Finland, but the ban has been appealed.

I reached out to Ringerike council, but they didn’t reply back.

I reached out to the police in Hønefoss and got this statement from chief inspector Kjell Magne Tvenge :

The police in Hønefoss knows about the stickers. They were put up a while ago several places in the country, probably by a small fraction in Norway called “Nordfront” (Nordic Resistance Movement). They were in Kristiansand last summer, with banners that said “Knus Homolobbyen”.

We believe that LGBTQ persons living in Hønefoss and in Ringerike are safe, if anyone feel otherwise, we strongly encourage to get in contact with local police authorities.

Here is some other poster that Reks has gladly sabotaged.

Photo by Reks (in agreement with Reks that has the copyrights for poster photo, background wall added by us.)

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