The sex workout from Peppermint’s personal trainer

Branden Hayward
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Sustain Your Change with Personal Trainer Branden Hayward: 6 Gym/Diet Hacks for Better Sex” is a set of six two-minute episodes packed with solid how-to advice geared toward helping Hayward’s gay brethren feel confident, happy and sexy in–or out–of the bedroom.

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From “How to Become a Dynamite Top” to “How to Power Through Your Workout Plateau,” to reducing your fist intake (portion sizes!) Wanda, with the help of her libidinous client, delivers straightforward (ish), butt-busting exercises, easy to follow diet guidance, and a life lesson or two.

So why the video series? “In brainstorming ways to set myself apart from other NYC trainers,” explains Hayward, “I thought about the power of humor. My fondness for drag. The joy of great sex. My passion for weightlifting. And my penchant for storytelling. Making the series was a unique way to combine all my loves.”

And why drag? “Drag is directly responsible for a majority of my most cherished memories as an adult. I first did drag in 2013 for the Invasion of The Pines on Fire Island. That day changed my life,” Hayward remembers. “It showed me how bright the world could be; what an unabashed celebration of queer really was.”

Hayward created Wanda Attatyme in 2014. She has since competed in three amateur drag pageants benefiting the gay NYC recovery community.

Hayward describes Wanda’s kooky look as “shake-n-go drag.” “I believe drag is whatever allows me to feel free and want to play,” he says. “I can do this without spending two hours on my ‘lewk.’”

Dating website Hornet placed Hayward at #1 on their “18 Gay Trainers to Follow on Instagram for New and Improved Fitness Goals” list. Logo TV’s “New Now Next” blog named him as one of their “14 Instagram hunks we are thirsting after.”

Clients, who are clearly fans, include “RuPaul’s Drag Race” stars Miss Fame (“Get into his body of werk!”) and Peppermint, who contributed the series’ inspirational theme song, “Before Your Eyes.”

Peppermint is a friend, client and a huge supporter of this project,” says Hayward. “Andrew Keenan Bolger, who produced the series, thought it would be great to include a song of hers.” Peppermint agreed. “Branden rocks!,” she says, “He’s patient and gentle and encourages me to push myself. So, when he asked to make “Before Your Eyes” the theme to his YouTube series, I said, YES, honey!”

Beyond looking and feeling good, Hayward believes in doing good. Last summer, with the help of action group Rise and Resist, he organised and led a 40-person march in New York City to raise awareness and disseminate information on how to help gay men who are being abducted and murdered in Chechnya.

While Hayward is a babe and his advice is solid, his over-arching message is clear: Love yourself.

“I spent years of my life obsessed with building up my body and covering up my heart; I wanted to be viewed by others as ‘man enough,’ says Hayward. “Then I met Wanda. Wanda makes me happy. So, Wanda stays!”

6 Gym/Diet Hacks for Better Sex // Episodes

1 How to Become a Dynamite Top
2 How to Become the best Bottom on the Block
3 How to Get a Rockin’ Rack
4 How to Get a Flat Stomach, Fast
5 How to Become a Gorilla in no Time Flat
6 How to Power Through Your Workout Plateau

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Photo by Alex Marshall

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