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Popular Publicity, owned by Andy Reynolds. He is a NYC-based book, music, film, event and lifestyle publicist, as well as an expert in LGBT media worldwide.


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Gay/bi men with prostate cancer: bias,...

LGBTQ scholarly publisher Harrington Park Press will release their latest book, «Gay & Bisexual Men Living with Prostate Cancer (from Diagnosis to Recovery)».

Dekkoo Options 3rd Season of «I’m...

Dekkoo.com, the global streaming media service catering to gay and queer men, has optioned a third season of their fourth original series «I'm Fine». New episodes of the dramedy will be shot September for release on Dekkoo in early 2019.

New Book Looks at Lives of...

The June 3 debut of Ryan Murphy's «Pose», set in the late 80s NYC world of black and Latino drag competitions known as «balls» presents a great opportunity to raise awareness of the harsh lives of many trans people of colour, particularly those on the ball culture scene, who do sex work to survive.

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