«Billy Elliot» musical are «gay propaganda» says Hungary

By the end of the musical «Billy Elliot», the title character's father and the hardscrabble mining town in which they live have been redeemed.

Billy Elliot - The Musical
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At first, they were caught up in negative stereotypes of male ballet dancers, but by the end, the people of Everington focused on nurturing the boy’s blossoming talent.

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It is a not-so-subtle message about society’s ability to get over deep-rooted homophobia and simply accept people as they are.

Except maybe not so much in Hungary, Washington Post concludes.

According to WP, The Hungarian State Opera announced Thursday that it is canceling 15 showings of the movie-based musical adapted by Sir Elton John.

Photo By Philafrenzy [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons (picture from London)

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