Swedish Government gives symbolic compensation for forced sterilised transgender people

Compensation is a symbolic remedy for the fact that "In order to determine gender identity in some cases" until 30 June 2013, a requirement for sterilisation or lack of reproduction to establish a change in sex status was established.

Photo By Tage Olsin, Hofres (Original Image) [GFDL or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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It was a claim that the government today believes is wrong and take distances from today.

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From 1 May 2018 there is a new Swedish law about state compensation for persons who have changed sex status as defined in Section 1 of the Act (1972: 119) – “Establishment of Gender Equality in Certain Cases” and thus affected by the now repealed requirement of sterilisation or lack of reproduction in order to change the gender identity. According to the new law, the state shall pay compensation to persons who have applied for a change in gender identity during the period July 1st 1972 to June 30th 2013, if the application has been approved.

The compensation of ex gratia character * is left with a flat amount of 225,000 kronor (nearly 20,000 £). Everyone who receives compensation receives the same amount.

If you’re eligible to this compensation, you must apply before the May 1st 2020. The Swedish government has already received over 300 application.

* Ex gratia means «of grace» and is a reimbursement that the Swedish government can grant, for example, when previous legislation has affected individuals in such a way that afterwards society wants to take responsibility and compensate through an economic compensation.

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