Next big thing : PinkMap! wish to share with you the “next big thing” to hit the mobile gay dating scene: PinkMap!

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A comprehensive iPhone app platform neatly designed for messaging and sharing pics; plus a location guide of bars, clubs and hang-outs, all integrated into an easy to navigate map. Simple activities such as meeting guys or chatting with friends – enhanced by push notification technology- has never been easier.

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Customise by creating a detailed profile, or keep it simple and remain discreet. Leave the computer at home and still be able to see where the nearest parties or clubs are, or ensure you are always in the know
by linking your profile to Facebook.

Developed over the last year and first rolled out in the German market, PinkMap! has taken the gay community there by storm. Now it’s time for the rest of the world to join PinkMap! – A gay dating platform for iPhone, PinkMap! is now available for free download in the Apple App Store.

Live Dating in Real-Time

Through the use of an interactive map, every PinkMap! user can view his surroundings in real-time. In addition to bars, clubs or saunas, one can also easily find and write to other users via the built-in live chat function.

PinkMap! chat works just like an instant messenger such as MSN or ICQ, yet remains discreet and completely anonymous.

Finding out more is only a click away. In addition to a personal profile with Wall, one can share information regarding age, appearance, occupation and sexual preference, and, of course, have unlimited photo upload and views.

The Wall is visible to each user, upon which one can leave messages or add comments to existing entries.

The makers of PinkMap! have incorporated a new function called “Pink-Me”, used for no-hassle chatting. From the PinkMap! push notification service, a user receives this information directly in real-time to his iPhone, even if the App has not been opened – like a text message, but free.

Gay Location Guide

Naturally, PinkMap! also helps users in deciding where to go or meet up. The PinkMap! Location Guide shows where each party is and, better yet, who is already there and what is going on.

Also listed in the portable location guide are the trendiest bars, cafés, saunas and restaurants, everything to be found in one’s immediate area – ideal for a fun, spontaneous nightlife. Should a PinkMap! user not be able to find, for example, his favorite club within the guide, he can create and add it himself, thereby suggesting to the PinkMap! team a new gay location.


Johannes Tyra (CEO): “As we launched PinkMap! in Germany 6 weeks ago, we were totally surprised about the amazing feedback and downloads in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We think that the combination of dating and location guide is a great thing for all guys around the world and was really missing in the AppStore, so we speed up the international rollout.”

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