Fundamentalist Christianity Versus Homosexuality

New book pits two sides of an impassioned debate in a series of intellectual conversations.

Arguing with God
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Perhaps one of the most contentious socio-political issues currently facing the United States is the question of homosexuality and its place in American society. The new book Arguing with God: Fundamentalist Christianity Versus the Gays (published by iUniverse) by J. T. Hutcherson uses a series of conversations between two lifelong friends to explore this complex and divisive question.

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As Arguing with God opens, readers meet Jay and Eli, two men who have been friends for 50 years. While the two come from shared religious backgrounds, as adults they could not be more different. Eli is a straight, fundamentalist Christian minister. In contrast, Jay, now openly gay, has turned his back on his evangelical upbringing and has become a champion of gay rights as well as an artist and educator.

In a brilliantly conceived rhetorical vehicle, As Arguing with God brings readers into the debates between these two men in order to explore the deep philosophical, scientific and religious issues surrounding a dispute that becomes more heated with every passing moment.

Tackling such questions as same sex marriage and adoption for same sex couples, Eli and Jay go head to head in a succession of encounters. Within their dialogue readers glimpse the skeleton of a divided faith. This division has already threatened international religious schisms in several Christian denominations. The conflict over homosexuality has created a dilemma which is even giving birth to an African and South American “missionizing” movement; an ironic, delayed echo from the age of colonialism when European missionaries went forth to “Christianize the heathens.”

As Jay and Eli debate the validity of “nature versus nurture”; whether homosexuality is a biological fact or merely a lifestyle choice, Arguing with God presents readers with each camp’s arguments. In this way, this eloquently written book provides a forum that may not be possible in the real world; two diametrically opposed sides coming together with common ground for a truly intellectual dialogue.

Buy the book Arguing with God: A Dialogue: Fundamentalist Christianity versus the Gays (USA) / Arguing with God: A Dialogue: Fundamentalist Christianity versus the Gays (UK).

About the Author

J. T. Hutcherson is an educator, stage actor and director, and former news editor and feature writer. He has been a constant student of theology from his youth and is an advocate for human rights. He is now occupied primarily with writing. He lives in Portland, Oregon and Boise, Idaho.

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