Neil Francis: Gay people not interested in sports

Former Ireland rugby international Neil Francis has suggested that gay people do not have an interest in sport and that the professional sporting environment is not something in which gay people are interested.

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Speaking on Newstalk’s Off the Ball, Francis suggested that the percentage of gay people in professional sport was lower than in the general population.

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Referring to US American Football player Michael Sam, who recently came out as gay, and is expected to be the first openly gay player following this year’s NFL draft, Francis questioned the motivation for Sam’s coming-out, saying: “This is a different coming-out than any other.


Is Neil Francis living in this century ? or is he just ignorant prejudice man. I can understand that he has never been in contact or socialise with someone that is openly gay – since he can generalise all gays in the same category. Of course there is gay people that isn’t interested in sports, but I surly know straight people that isn’t either (would that make them gay in Fransis eyes ? – It wouldn’t surprise me at all).

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