In Bloom – Out on DVD and VOD

A major festival hit, a truly exciting Amercian indie, In Bloom came to DVD and VOD on June 9!

In Bloom

Reminiscent of indie hit Weekend, In the Bloom is the most realistic depiction of a gay relationship to come out of the US in some time. Add the foreboding threat of a killer on the loose, and this incredibly rich and rewarding film becomes unmissable.

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Kurt and Paul seem very solid and in love, living large in their home city of Chicago, thanks in part to Kurt’s successful pot-dealing business.

Everything is going their way. But when a sexy young customer makes a play for Kurt, it sets of a chain of events that not only puts their perfect relationship at risk, but possibly even their lives.

Actors: Kyle Wigent, Tanner Rittenhouse, Adam Fane, Jake Andrews
Directors: Chris Michael Birkmeie

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