Surrogacy Supplement published today!

Everyone has the right to a family life and surrogacy is an important and increasingly popular option for LGBT people (and others) who want to start a family.

We Are Family magazine
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Through this supplement We Are Family magazine aims to inform and guide readers through the important decisions and issues that need to be considered when setting out on a surrogacy journey to parenthood.
Contents include

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• the ever-changing world of international surrogacy
• the epic story of a family formed through international surrogacy – 2 dads from different countries, living in a third; 2 surrogates and multiple pregnancies; consulates, legal documents and international borders – and how it all came together in the end
• legal and surrogacy experts react to the story and the issues it raises
• a first-time surrogate shares her story
• Q&As with surrogacy specialists 
• worldwide surrogacy infographic
• surrogacy terms explained with our jargon buster & abbreviation translator!

Surrogacy Supplement
Surrogacy Supplement
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