Playwright pens highly controversial play about gay ISIS terrorist who falls for a Dublin drug dealer

An Irishman is writing a controversial play about a gay affair between a Dublin drugs mule and an ISIS jihadi.


Dubliner Ian Begley, 25, has submitted ISIS: A Gay Love Story to this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival and hopes the renowned arts festival will give him the platform to take his play to major theatres.

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ISIS, the Middle Eastern jihadist militant movement, has been vocal about its anti-homosexual doctrine – and because of this, Mr Begley wanted to challenge them.

“Being a member of the LGBT community, I am all too aware of the savageries that ISIS inflict on gay people – they are often pushed off tall buildings as part of big public demonstrations,” he told The Irish Post.

“In many countries having relations with members of your own sex is illegal, but in reality you cannot help who you fall in love with even if it contradicts your religious beliefs or country’s laws.”

ISIS: A Gay Love Story tells the fictional tale of a Dublin man called Owen, who is attempting to make his fortune by smuggling €1million worth of cannabis into Syria.

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Photo By G.dallorto (Own work) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons