Yuzima ‘s new insta-album “Living Off The Land”, Disses Donald Trump

Right in time for summer vacation and in the throws of a nasty political season, last Wednesday, NYC's media anointed "Prince of Noise" throws a grenade, dropping his third release - in the much praised insta-album series - "Living Off The Land".

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Yuzima describes an insta-album as three songs and a theme, a snap shot of the current environment.

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The Gun Hill Projects native, has done just that with characters and all, Donald Trump gets dissed as a “demon god entertainment trickster” on blog mega hit “Atheist“, while lyric “we’re like communist and we’re happy” casts a scrutinising glance at the elixir of purism force fed by many of Bernie Sanders most strident supporters on “Would It Be Ok”; and Native Americans are on the shores watching the ships coming in, preparing for all of this, on the title song.

The sound is all new on “Atheist“, a swinging 4/4 drum with Biff Muff guitars, make a brand new take on hard rock. “Would it Be Ok” pairs a syncopated scatter drum machine beat, with a bare acoustic guitar and self reflective, yet acid trippy melodic vocals inspired by hip hop. Title track “Living Off The Land” sounds like the steady drum beat of the coming apocalypse: big drum sound, blasting guitars, yet a distinctive undeniable melody and prophecy.

After the prior two insta-albums, “BASH” and “Behemoth“, which have only grown in fanbase online streams and critical praise, Yuzima shows why his noise revolution has only just begun.

Take a listen to “Living off the land

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