Gay Muslim wedding: Groom receives acid attack threats

A man thought to be one of the first UK Muslims to have a same-sex marriage said people have threatened to throw acid in his face since the ceremony.


Jahed Choudhury, 24, married Sean Rogan at Walsall Register Office and shared his story on YouTube.

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However, he told the Victoria Derbyshire Show he had been threatened online and in the street.

But the couple said they had also received messages of support and would continue to share their story.

Since their ceremony Mr Choudhury said the couple had received death threats online and abuse on the streets.

“The worst [messages] say ‘the next time I see you in the streets, I’m going to throw acid in your face’. comments :

That someone can justify to harass this or other same-sex married couples based on faith or other kind of reason – I can tell you – that kind of person are not a good Muslim or Christian or other faith or person.

This kind of behaviour are pure hate fear promotion and are completely and always unacceptable – you are putting other people of the same faith as you in your pure hate fear promotion category – unfairly for them that are part of your faith – that promote real love to other humans regardless of their faith, sexual orientation, race or gender.

I hope this newlywed same-sex couple can enjoy their honeymoon period, even when they at the same time are experience this kind of hate threats. This time should have just have been for creating happy memories for the future – sadly some people do not have any humanity to give you guys that. But I’m hopeful that you are able to do anyways – that would not give these persons that spreads hate fear threats the satisfaction to scare your happy moments away – that is their goals – don’t let them win.