Theresa May fails ! She says : disappointed after Bermuda abolishes same-sex marriage

New law reverses 2017 court ruling that legalised gay marriage in Atlantic island territory.

Theresa May
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​The U.K. government expressed disappointment Thursday that Bermuda, a British overseas territory, has abolished same-sex marriage, but said it would have been wrong to overturn the decision.

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British Prime Minister Theresa May‘s spokesman, James Slack, said Britain was “seriously disappointed” by the decision, which reverses a 2017 court ruling legalising gay marriage.

But he said it would not have been right for Britain to block the move.

He said the bill “has been democratically passed by the Parliament of Bermuda, and our relationship with the overseas territories is based on partnership and respect for their right to democratic self-government.” (very comforting for the LGBTQ community in Bermuda.. NOT!)

Big question is, who brought homophobic attitudes to Bermuda ? should that party take some responsibility for spreading homophobia to Bermuda and other parts of the world ? or should it just say democratically passed homophobia is ok….. Theresa May just failed again ! and failing the LGBTQ community in Bermuda.

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