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Zelimkhan Bakayev was last seen on August 8 in Chechnya.
Russia’s religious TV channel is offering to send LGBTQ Russians abroad for good, so they can “submit to their sins” outside Russia.
An Indonesian police raid targeting gay men in Surabaya, Indonesia, on April 30, 2017, threatens the rights of the country’s already beleaguered lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, Human Rights Watch said today.
72 countries still criminalise same-sex relations and there is an anti-LGBT backlash in about 20 countries. But liberation cannot be halted forever. Queer freedom is an unstoppable global trend. It knows no borders.
Gay men in Chechnya live in fear of persecution, violence, unlawful detention and torture. The charity 'Living Without Prejudice' (LWP) has been set up to bring awareness to their plight.
An animated video explaining the rights of homosexuals in the event of arrest has clocked up nearly 30,000 visualisations in Morocco in less than 24 hours, it emerged on Thursday.
The following open letters was sent last week from Haydar Adelson, chairman of Stockholm Pride and Tasso Stafilides, chairman of West Pride to the Russian ambassador in Stockholm.
A 31-year-old Syrian refugee in Lebanon was allegedly detained and tortured in February 2016, apparently on suspicion of being gay, Human Rights Watch said yesterday.
October 2016 OutRight Action International, the global LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer) human rights organisation, today released Human Rights Report: Being Lesbian in Iran.
Kuwaiti police has arrested a number of people infected with communicable diseases and involved in homosexual activities, residency detectives arrested three suspects while attempting to escape from the country through the airport.
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