Migguel Anggelo – Another Son of Venezuela and The Rainbow Family

From the time he came out at age twelve, the Venezuelan-born musician and performer has ridden an emotional roller coaster of self-discovery and discrimination.

Migguel Anggelo
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As an LGBT youth who loved musical theatre and the performing arts, he has embodied the American Dream by following his aspirations as a gay performer in the United States. However, as he told the Huffington Post, harsh and hurtful words from his past continue to ring in his ears, particularly those that came from his father’s mouth. As Migguel says, “He told me he’d rather have a prostitute daughter than a gay son”.

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To express his feelings through art, Migguel Anggelo started creating shows and albums to tell others about his experiences. In his show Another Son of Venezuela, he takes his audience on an emotional journey through stories of his Venezuelan family, struggle as an immigrant, and what it is like to be a gay performer with a green card in the United States. Ambiente called his story “unique and inspiring;” true to form, and in parallel with his initial coming out, the Latin community as a whole has grown to embrace and better understand multiple facets of gender and sexuality.

Migguel Anggelo - Photo by David Andrako
Migguel Anggelo – Photo by David Andrako

Thus, through his growth as a performer and person, the artist has become a very proud voice of encouragement and positive thinking for the gay community.

Additionally, Migguel is very excited to announce that he just won an artist residency position with BRIC. An extremely competitive position, he was one of six artists to be selected out of over 200 applicants. This opportunity will allow him to use BRIC’s resources to further develop his works, which provide solace and hope for anyone that feels marginalised.

Photo by David Andrako

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