Naked Highway – “Call Girls”

Naked Highway ’s latest summertime offering ‘Call Girls’ is emotional, anthemic, dark, ironic and deliciously pop all at once!

Naked Highway - Call Girls
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Stylistically, Call Girls is an indication of things to come from Naked Highway ’s upcoming 2017 album – a sparse, more focused and accessible sound. “Much of our new material is song-focused – back to basics with an emphasis on vocal harmonies,” says group founder Sy Boccari.

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Call Girls’ was written by Lizzy Lee Vincent from the bands Birdland and Psychic Drive. “This song captured a moment for me,” reflects Boccari. “I met Lizzy when I was just starting out playing shows & DJing, having late night adventures and meeting all sorts of crazy & wonderful people. ‘Call Girls’ summed-up my new life as a musician. We’re so honoured that he let us record it.”

The band-directed music video, with its cityscapes, neon lights and quick A.D.D. edits, conveys the sensory overload & excitement of a night out in New York. “We were able to include many of our favourite nightlife spots and performers,” says D.L.R. “Over the past year some of those spots have closed so we’re really glad to have captured them forever.”

Call Girls – Single – Naked Highway

Naked Highway – “Call Girls”

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