“In a Muslim country, you had been stoned – as deserved”

That's a bit of what I'll hear about myself. But nothing is so stupid than penis images from men who will change my sexual orientation writes Somalian Norwegian Amal Aden in Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

Muslim Woman

“You who are a lesbian should be ashamed of yourself. If you had been smart, you’d never told anyone that you are lesbian. You are hurting a whole community when you say you are lesbian and are from Somalia. ”

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“You need to realise that you can’t be both Muslim and a lesbian – it’s physically impossible. You are Haram. You should not show up with others. ”

These are some of the comments Amal Aden, gets from part of the Norwegian Muslim community. Norway are one of the worlds most progressive countries for LGBTQ people, but it seems that many in the Norwegian Muslim community has missed that part about Norway – and that includes everyone what ever religion – not only for native Norwegians.

She writes : I’m still getting “good advice”. The advice can be that I can kill my self and that will be the best for those who care about me.

Many want’s to “cure” me from the gay. For example, I have received an offer from a man who wanted to have sex with me – he would give me an “unforgettable night”, and after that I would become a real woman.

(The picture are only used as an illustration of a muslim woman, since we do not have picture of Amal).