Out At the Dekkoo’s – April

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Out At the Dekkoo's

Parting Glances

One of Dekkoo‘s programming goals is to educate as well as entertain and the focus of this week’s dispatch is a shining example of this. They are very proud to present ‘Parting Glances‘, a landmark film and a true masterpiece of 80’s queer cinema. At a time when many gay films were still tepidly feeling their way through the homophobia of mainstream America, Bill Sherwood decided to make a film where coming out wasn’t a main plot point and tragedy didn’t linger over every frame of the film. It’s an out-and-proud film about gay men living their lives in NYC still feeling out the reality of the AIDS epidemic but living above and through it.

Parting Glances // details

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Director – Bill Sherwood
Starring – Richard Ganoung, John Bolger, Steve Buscemi, Adam Nathan
Release Date – February 19, 1986

Parting Glances // trailer

A Little Lust

After 16-year-old Rocco comes out to his traditional Italian parents, he decides to hit the road with his best friends and go see his favourite pop star in concert. Little does he know that his neurotic mother and eccentric grandma are hot on his heels. ‘A Little Lust‘ is available on Dekkoo!

A Little Lust // trailer

Eating Out: The Open Weekend

‘Eating Out: The Open Weekend’ is the fifth instalment of the popular ‘Eating Out’ comedy series. It offers up a raunchy look at love, sex and monogamy. While on “gaycation” in Palm Springs – amid a never-ending parade of beautiful men – Zack is alarmed to learn that his new boyfriend Benji wants to try having an open relationship. Just as he’s starting to question the foundation of his relationship, he runs into his much more stable ex-boyfriend Casey.

Eating Out: The Open Weekend // trailer


17 year old Arend lives with his parents and has yet to come out of the closet. His first step is a date with handsome Michael, a guy he met on a dating site. When they meet, Arend discovers that Michael is not quite what he imagined. ‘Short’ is now available on Dekkoo!

Love Me Anyway

‘Love Me Anyway’ is a sun soaked drama about a filmmaker in love with a surfer, and a young wife exploring the greener grass of an extramarital affair with another woman.

Everlasting Love

Dusk is still an hour or so away. You’re in a forest in the Northeastern area of Spain where various men and women are cruising for love and sex, but mostly sex. An older stud, Carlos, prowls the forest looking for his next trick, but instead happens upon one of his students, Toni. He doesn’t want to lose his job, but he also appears to have a voracious appetite for sexual pleasures and decides to have sex with Toni in his car (an incredible 4-minute sex scene taken in one continuous zoom shot). I don’t really want to say what happens next, but I will say that I won’t mess with a group of Spanish youth ever!

Everlasting Love // details

Title – ‘Everlasting Love’
Director – Marçal Forés
Starring – Joan Bentalle, Aimar Vega, Hugo Alejo, Adrian de Alfonso
Release Date – April 25, 2015

Everlasting Love // trailer

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